Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer in Tacony Just Got a Little Cooler

This is the latest installment of our custom house beer program. At SawTown we're dedicated to working with local brewers to bring you beer you won't find anywhere else. We're very proud of our first two house beers, SawTown Pink Bunny Grapefruit IPA and SawTown Standard Lager.

Back in early July, Scoats and I took a roadtrip out to Round Guys Brewing Company in Lansdale for the brewing of our custom summer house beer. Scott Rudich and his team helped us to create “SawTown Blumon Ale”. This beer is crisp, light and refreshing, with the hint of blueberry on the nose and in the pleasantly tart finish. We brewed using lemon zest, blueberries  a wit yeast, along with PA Pilsner and Spelt malt from Deer Creek Malting. The finished product clocks in at about 5.4% ABV.

We tapped the first keg on Saturday, August 8, and immediately created a bangin' “Blumon Shandy” using muddled fresh blueberries, our house lemonade and a lemon garnish. As a pint or in a shandy, we're pretty
pleased with our first summer offering. 

I hope you'll stop in and taste the latest beer made exclusively for Tacony's SawTown Tavern. We'll offer this beer through the rest of summer until our custom fall beer arrives. We've chosen a wonderful fall flavor that brings back childhood memories for us, and may for you as well. Stay tuned for the details of our next brewing adventure!